Cave Candles

Admire a carved Cave Candle® that shelters the soft glow of a flame warming the spirit. A Cave Candle® is available in different sizes and functions as a wind resistant outdoor candle holder or as an indoor cozy conversation piece.

  • Hand-sculpted from lightweight pumice.
  • Each Cave Candle® is unique. No two are ever alike.
  • The caves are carved in a very unique way that makes the burning candle glow, even in the daytime.
  • Can be made to fit tea lights or votives.
  • Our candles are all recessed into the base of the cave which makes each candle very stable and helps to illuminate the cave even more.
  • Have cork feet attached to their base to help protect your furniture.
  • They are all vented to allow proper air circulation.
  • Can be enjoyed both indoor and out.
  • Are extremely wind resistant when placed outside.
  • We even have many themes to choose from.
  • Custom work is always available.

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