Indoor Water Fountain Live Bonsai #cd72


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A small bonsai tree grows from the top of this medium indoor water fountain . If you like, we can substitute a self watering creeping fig house plant instead. The hand-sculpted layering of the miniature boulders gives an unusual light and flickering flowing effect of the water. The bonsai is self watering and the fisherman sits tranquil upon his rock fishing the day away. How about some underwater lighting and fogging effects? This indoor fountain will be delivered to your door within 2 to 3 weeks. Very soothing to behold. We use submersible pumps that are quiet. The sounds emitting from the cascading waterfalls are soothing, because of the special techniques we use. All of our indoor water fountains are guaranteed NOT to splash! You can view this indoor water fountain on YouTube by clicking this link

Item Number: # cd135
Style: Small Lotus
Bowl Color: Textured Grey Stone
Size: 13in. Diameter Bowl
Approx. Height: 14″ to 16″
(from bottom of bowl to top of plant)



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