About The Artist

Charles Kern Artist and Owner of Natural Creations, Inc

Charles Kern
Artist and Owner of Natural Creations, Inc

Master Artist Charles R. Kern formed Natural Creations in 1991 and has been making his own personal line of indoor tabletop water fountains and sculpture ever since. The Cave Candle® candle holder came about in 2005 and registered it’s trademark in 2006.

Charles’ originality and insight were nurtured from a very successful waterscape & landscaping career, which he has had since 1985 (Specializing in stone).

But his ability to recreate the essence of nature in a miniature indoor water fountain display can only be said to have been a God given talent. He also has the intuition to create any tabletop fountain design for anyone after a casual conversation.

Kern’s attention to detail and his talented designing skills, makes him the perfect choice to place many of the finishing touches on his beautiful custom fountains.

Charles is very versed in creating indoor water fountains for Spas, relaxation rooms and especially for Feng Shui. His sculpting techniques allow him to create and even to change the relaxing sounds of all the tabletop fountains he creates. Oh… and don’t forget… ALL Natural Creations, Inc fountains are guaranteed not to splash!!!